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Internal and Family Medicine [NYC Guide: Best Doctors]

With sites like ZocDoc and Yelp listing reviews and ratings of the countless physicians and specialists in Manhattan, how do you find the best primary care doctor in NYC? We narrowed down exactly what you should be looking for when booking your next appointment:

Internal Medicine, Family Care or Specialists? What’s the difference?

Internal Medicine and Family Care doctors can both be referred to as Primary Care doctors. Under that term, they are trained to not only diagnose but treat a broad range of medical conditions in both children and adults. So don’t just think of a primary care doctor as someone to see only for an annual check up. They are there to become familiar with your medical history and provide continued care.

Specialists, on the other hand don’t evaluate every detail of your health history. Although it can be beneficial to seek specialists for specific concerns, it’s important to have someone that gets to know you and understands your records to offer the best of care. And if you have multiple health concerns, they can evaluate them all at once.

"Having a really strong, longitudinal relationship with a primary care physician gives you, essentially, a specialist for your whole body. Without a primary care physician, the care you receive is more fragmented." - St. George University study on the “Shortage of Primary Care Physicians”

Along with general healthcare, internal and family doctors are the best option for preventive care. This is because they can look at your full health history and run in-depth evaluations and screenings to provide you with recommendations to prevent illness and ways to stay healthy.

What to look for?

After determining the type of doctor you want to see, finding a doctor that fits your needs and expectations is key. Whoever you choose should be someone that you are comfortable with and that you trust.

Convenience is also a major component in finding the right doctor. You want to make sure that the office can see and address your concerns in a timely manner. You also want to make sure that the office has the ability to easily access your records. It also definitely doesn’t hurt for the office to be centrally located, especially in NYC.

Where to go?

Manhattan's Allay Medical has been around for over 15 years and specializes in both internal medicine and family care. Led by Dr. Raisa Mitelman, voted “Doctor of the Year” by Lenox Hill Hospital, Allay Medical is a leading private practice in New York City.

Covering a full range of services from diagnostic testing and cancer screenings to immunizations and travel medicine, Dr. Mitelman and her team provide comprehensive and preventative care to their patients.

Allay Medical is conveniently and located in Gramercy Park and takes all major insurances as well as uninsured patients.

When deciding on a primary care doctor in New York City, be sure to understand what you are looking for and how that doctor can cater to your specific needs. It may seem overwhelming at first, but there is the right doctor out there for you!

To learn more about Allay Medical, click here.

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