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At Allay Medical it’s important to us that we provide our patients with preventive care to stay healthy. Immunizations and travel medicine are some of the services we offer to prevent sickness in everyday life and when travelling abroad.

Allay Medical is here to provide you with the best and latest in medical care. Whether you're getting ready to travel abroad, or want to make sure you're immunized fully, our medical staff can advise and recommend the appropriate vaccinations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly recommends routine vaccinations to prevent and protect against illnesses; and the spread of diseases to others. We wrote an article about recommended vaccinations here.

Recommended CDC Vaccinations for Adults:​

Flu Shot?

Call to see if you’re eligible: 

Travelling Abroad?

Let us provide you with what you need to stay safe!

The most common required CDC immunizations for travel include:

  • Hepatitis A Vaccine

  • Hepatitis B Vaccine

  • Yellow Fever Vaccine

  • Typhoid Vaccine

  • Meningococcal Vaccine

  • Rabies Vaccine

  • Polio Vaccine

  • Shingles Vaccine

We also prescribe antibiotics and medicine pre-travel for the following conditions:

  • Malaria

  • Dengue Fever

  • Travelers' Diarrhea

  • Motion Sickness

  • Food Poisoning 

  • High Altitude Sickness

For more information call us at : 212-420-0104
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